Wife import



When a Swedish man marries a foreign woman to use her for housekeeping and/or sexual purpose, we call it ”wife import”.


The most common scenario is that the man meets the woman in her home country, where he promises to take care of her, financially support her, and make sure that she has a better life.

But when she moves to Sweden with him he psychologically, physically and sexually abuses her. He controls her, makes sure she has no connection to the outside world and threatens to report her to different authorities if she doesn’t do what he says.


Since her knowledge of Sweden is often very limited to what her husband thinks she should know, it is very difficult for her to get in contact with a crisis center for women. 


But you have rights.


The Two year rule can be summoned like this:


A temporarily residence permit for two years can be given to people who are married or living together with someone who lives in Sweden, or if you mean to marry or move in with someone who lives in Sweden.


If you are still married or living together when the two years has passed, you can get a permanent residence permit.


But if the relationship ends before the two years has passed, you might not have a right to a permanent residence permit even if you have children together.


But there are exceptions to the two year rule. And you may still have a right to a permanent residence even if the relationship has ended before the two years has passed.

For example if you or your children have been subjected to violence, have been exposed to serious violations or severe restrictions of your freedom and peace from the person you have been married to or living together with.



Do you recognize yourself in this?


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You can also call Terrafem, a non-profit organization who works for women’s right to live without men’s abuse and domination. They can take your call in about 45 languages.

Website: www.terrafem.org                        email: info@terrafem.org


Call: 020-52 10 10






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