Violence in the name of honor

and forced marriage


There are young men and women walking around, feeling that their families control their lives. Especially many girls have to carry the whole family´s honor on their shoulders. It´s important that they act decent and accordingly to the family´s traditions.


The sensation that it´s the ones who you´re supposed to trust the most, who hurts you, is horrible. Many chooses to brake all ties with their family, knowing that in doing so, they´ll be very lonely.


The choice between a life in freedom and living under your family’s control and oppression, risking to be punished for your choices is often the hardest choice these girls and boys have to make.


Is it you or someone else who decides how you live your life, controls your choices, what you do and who you love?


If so, would it feel impossible to go against your family’s will?


What would happen if you made the “wrong” choice?


Do you risk being forced into marriage?


Are you being threatened och beaten for living like your friends, or do you want to live, like your friends?


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