The many faces of violence



About 50% of the population in Sweden has one time or another suffered from violence from a person that´s been close to them. Here we include both children who´ve been victims of violence and adults who´ve been abused by someone close to them.


Being exposed to violence by a person who you´re supposed to be protected by is so offensive that it leads to many other diseases such as anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, eating disorders etc. The fact that it also happens in your own home is considered extra offensive.


We know that people who suffer from this kind of long term stress get psychosocial and cognitive problems, to say the least. Many women who live with domestic violence applies to the primary care for problems like sleeping disorders, depression and different kinds of pain issues – often because they´re not aware that this is a consequence from the violence they’re living with. 


Most often the truth, that there is domestic violence behind these problems never comes out, which leads to a variety of different incorrect diagnosis.


Every tenth woman you see on the street, every tenth coworker, every tenth in your class, lives with fear every day. Fear of doing wrong, fear of being hit, and fear for the consequences this will have on her children, fear of dying.


And in worst cases – a wish to die.







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