We offer support and protection to women who are victims of violence, and among these victims there are women with experience of sex for compensation or prostitution. We believe that buying sex is an act of violence, in which sex buyers exploit those who are already vulnerable.

Many people who discuss prostitution like to use the words sex work or sex workers, which are terms that make it invisible what prostitution and sex purchases are really about and mean. The words sex work and sex workers are often used to equate prostitution with any other service profession, and to give the impression that those who sell sexual services do so of their own free will, and with pleasure. However, it is important to show a different view of prostitution.

Our experience of years of meeting women are that a lot of women in prostitution have previous experiences of being victims of incest or other sexual abuse, and that women in prostitution are often, as a rule, both socially and economically vulnerable.

Buying sex is an act of violence in that sense that sex purchase is not a business relationship between two equal partners, but that the purchase of sex is a way of exploiting women who are already vulnerable. Examples of this are women who find themselves in an addiction and sell sex to fund their addiction, women and girls who are offered a home or anything else they need, in return for their sexual favors. Women and girls in prostitution should be regarded as victims of men's violence, which is a view that today the UN also shares. Studies also show that men who consume pornography are also often statistically more likely to buy sex. Other studies also show that a majority of these sex buyers also often want women in prostitution to imitate what the sex buyer has seen in pornography, and which other women do not want to support.

If you are in prostitution and want help, you can contact:

Kompetenscentrum sexuella tjänster – 020-35 40 40


To learn more about prostitution, please visit:

In case of suspicion of human trafficking call: 020 – 39 00 00

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