We believe that pornography is part of the oppression of women. Therefore, we also think that it is important to discuss the consequences of pornography and the effect it has on us. In pornography, women and girls are depicted in a degrading, subordinate and abusive way. It’s important to be aware that pornography is affecting us, and that this impact may have unfortunate consequences. Women today are getting abused, in a way where the perpetrator has taken his inspiration from the pornography. It’s also important to dare to see the abuses and assaults that are committed when the pornography is produced.

Consuming pornography affects us, just as everything else around us.
In the case of pornography, the viewer learns to get  aroused  of the objectification and degradation of women. A clear difference between men and women is that men are primarily taught to get aroused by humiliating women, while women on the other hand is expected to getting turned on by the degrading and humiliating treatment.

Being forced against your will to watch pornography is also a sexual assault.

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