Other agencies to contact


Here at the crisis center Alla Kvinnors Hus we work with helping people who´ve been subjected to violence by someone close to them. But sometimes you need help, or

advice about other issues.

We have collected some other organizations, which might be useful for you, or if you

just want more information.



Al-Anon – a community existing of relatives and friends of alcoholics, which share their experiences, their strength and hopes with each other to help solve each others


Web page: www.al-anon.se                                        Email: afg@al-anon.se

Call 070-610 96 61 on Wednesdays between 7 and 9 pm


Bufff (formerly known as Bryggan) – if you have a parent or a family member in prison,

in custody or on probation.

Web page: www.bufff.nu                                           email:  varmland@bufff.nu     

Call 020-200 330     


Brottsofferjouren – a nonprofit organization for all victims of crime and their rights, and sees that you´ll get the support you need to find your way back.

Web page: www.varmland.boj.se                email: info@varmland.boj.se  

Call 0200-21 20 19 


BRIS – a children’s rights organization with no religious or political affiliations. They work on helping and supporting children and young people.

Web page: www.bris.se

Call: 116 111 (if you are under the age of 18)    077-150 50 50 (for grownups)


BUP (child and adolescent psychiatry) – for children and young people between the age of 0-18 and their families.

Call: 054- 61 83 00              


Eating disorders (Frisk & Fri) – a non-profit organization who aims to be around wherever there is need for help and support for those who suffer from eating disorders and their loved ones. 

Web page: www.friskfri.se                                         email: karlstad@friskfri.se

Call: 08-20 72 14


febe – a network for parents, who´ve lost a child.

Web page: www.febe.net                                          email: stockholm@febe.net

Call: 0736-237 551


Första linjen – if you´re between the age of 6 and 20 you can turn to them if you have any questions, or if you´re not feeling ok, or if you drink too much alcohol or have started using drugs. Your other family members or other people who are close to you can call if they need advice, counselling or have questions about treatments.

Web page: www.1177.se                                             email: forstalinjen@liv.se

Call: 054-61 45 00   Text message: 070-244 95 11  


Föräldrastödet i Värmland – a nonprofit organization who knows how important it is to have a good support during your pregnancy, before and during your childbirth and as a parent.

Web page: www.foraldrastodet.se                             email: info@foraldrastodet.se

Call: 070-313 29 33


Hedersförtryck.se – if you´ve been married against your will, or if you are about to. If you are abused, hit or otherwise stopped from living the life you want to for the sake of your family’s honor.

Web page: www.lansstyrelsen.se

Call: 010-223 57 60         email: social.hallbarhet.ostergotland@lansstyrelsen.se


Huskurage – an initiative to prevent domestic abuse by making people more attentive about their neighbors.

Web page: www.huskurage.se


Insolvens – an organization who helps people in serious debt. By serious debt they mean if you over a long period of time have problems with paying bills or if you are on your way to get stuck in such a situation.

Web page: www.insolvens.se                                      email:: info@insolvens.se

Call: 054-250 11 80


IQF (Internationella Qvinnoföreningen) – an organization för social activities to strengthen the community between women, to help the understanding between cultures, generations and classes. They want to strengthen women’s position in the workplace, help women to get out of isolation, increase the female participation in the public debate and encourage them to demand equality both at the work place and at home.

Web page: www.iqf-karlstad.se

Call: 054 15 38 38


Juristjouren – Women and girls can get free legal advice by phone about questions regarding domestic abuse, custody battles and more.

Web page: www.allakvinnorshus.org        email: juristjouren@allakvinnorshus.org 

Call 08-644 09 20 on Wednesdays and Sundays between 18.00-21.00


Krismottagningen för män – if you are a man and find that you are in an acute crisis and wants to talk to another man.

Web page: www.svenskakyrkan.se

Call: 054-18 01 54      email: krismottagningenforman@karlstad.se


Kvinnofridslinjen – a national number if you´re a victim of domestic abuse. If you are a relative of a friend you can also call. They are open at all hours and the call i free anywhere in Sweden. Your call will not be shown on the telephone bill.

Web page: www.kvinnofridslinjen.se

Call: 020-50 50 50


Machofabriken – a study material to work with young people. It´s a tool för working for gender equality and the prevention of violence, where you focus on how social structures can be questioned and changed.

Web page: www.machofabriken.se                   email: info@machofabriken.se

Call: 073-383 60 11


NCK (National Center for women’s peace) – Works on behalf of the government to nationally raise awareness about domestic abuse.

Web page: www.nck.uu.se                                  email: info@nck.uu.se

Call: 018-611 27 93


Nationella hjälplinjen (the National helpline) - offers psychological help to people in crisis. You can call by yourself or if you´re worried about someone close to you.

Web page: www.hjalplinjen.se

Call: 020 - 22 00 60


PRIS (Prostituerades Revansch I Samhället) – an organization for people with experience in the sex business. It consists of both active and formerly active people in the sex business, striptease and other parts of the sex business.

Email: natverketpris@gmail.com


ROKS – The national organization for crisis centers för women in Sweden.

Web page: www.roks.se                                        email: info@roks.se

Call: 08-442 99 30


Rädda barnen (save the children) - a children’s rights organization who works for children’s rights.

Web page: www.raddabarnen.se                       email: kundservice@rb.se

Call: 08-698 90 00         For parents, call: 020-786 786


Samtalsakuten – if you are in an immediate crisis and needs someone to talk to, and you live in Forshaga, Hammarö, Karlstad or Kil

Email: samtalsakuten@karlstad.se

Call: 054-18 00 50


Selmagruppen – helps women from other countries to be integrated in the Swedish community through various activities.

Email: info@selmagruppen.se

Call: 070-798 2078    /    0736-37 40 70   /   0739-90 80 71 / 0700-74 21 20

Gustafgruppen (a group for men) call: 0704-36 71 67


Socialjouren – gives immediate help and support when the social services are closed whether it´s about violence, substance abuse or if you need to make a complaint.

Call: 114 14


St.: Lukas – a nonprofit organization that offers psychotherapy.

Web site: www.sanktlukas.se                             email: varmland@sanktlukas.se

Call: 054 - 10 18 85


Terrafem – a nonprofit organization that works for women’s and girls rights to live without the violence from men and their domination. They can take your call in about 45 different languages.

Web site: www.terrafem.org                        email: info@terrafem.org

Call: 020-52 10 10


Tjejjouren – have girls working on call to chat, email ant talk on the phone with other girls. Some of the centers also arranges summer camps, girl groups and workshops in schools.

Web site: www.karlstad.tjejjouren.se                   email: karlstadstjejjour@roks.se

Call: 072-746 67 61


Unizon – a head organization that gathers over 120 crisis centers and other support centers who work for an equal society, free from violence.

Web site: www.unizon.se                            email: info@unizon.se

Call: 08-642 64 01



VIMIL – a network for anyone who´ve lost someone.

Web page: www.vimil.se                                 email: info@vimil.se


VOOV  (Veterinarian care for abused) – an organization who helps people who are victims of domestic violence to get themselves out of a violent relationship by taking care of their pets temporarily.

Web site: https://voovhem.wordpress.com               email: kontakt@voov.nu







Om vi inte svarar kan du istället ringa Kvinnofridslinjen

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