Do you need protection?


When you've been the victim of a crime, it might be necessary to protect you from

threats or other risks.

There are several kinds of protection, those that protect you physically, and those who protects your personal information. The prosecutor or the police decides what kind of protection might be best for you. Physical protection can be a restraining order (besöksförbud), a safety packet (trygghetspaket), notification from the penitentiary, or a

body guard. Protection that protects your personal information can be a security

marking (sekretessmarkering), name change, kvarskrivning (so nobody know your new address) or fictitious personal data (fingerade personuppgifter)


Contact the Tax Agency (Skatteverket) if you need to protect your personal information

Read more about protection for your personal information here, or call: 08-64 81 60



Restraining order (Kontaktförbud)

A restraining order is mostly for those who've been harassed or threatened by an

ex-spouse. A restraining order can also protect children or other people that are close to

you. If there's a risk that a certain person in particular will threaten you, commit a crime against you or harass you, you can ask for a restraining order.

If a person gets a restraining order, he or she cannot visit you, follow you, call you or

make any other kind of contact.

In some cases the person aren’t even allowed to be close to you, your home, where you

work, or any other place that you might be. To get a restraining order, you have to make

a police report. After that, the prosecutor decides whether or not to grant a restraining




Security marking (Sekretessmarkering)

Usually, your name, address and personal number are public information. If you´ve been physically abused, threatened, stalked or harassed in some way your personal data can be confidential. This means that the authorities will not give out information about you. This is done at the Tax Agency (Skatteverket), you´ll find more about security marking here.




Your personal data can be protected by a so called kvarskrivning. This means that you can still be registered at your old address, after you've moved. To get kvarskrivning you have to be at risk of being the victim of a crime, stalking or other serious harassment. You apply for kvarskrivning at your local Tax Agency (Skatteverket).



Name change (Namnändring)

The rules for name changes are governed by the name law. You can learn more about name changes at your local Tax Agency (Skatteverket) or click here.



Notification from the penitentiary

If you've been the victim of a crime, the penitentiary sometimes has to give you information about a convicted person. Usually this occurs when there's been a history of violence or threats from the abuser towards you. This also applies if you've been taken as a hostage or kidnapped by the abuser. You can get information about if the abuser gets furlough, switches to another institution, escapes or will be released.



Security package (Trygghetspaket)

If the threats against you are very serious, you can get a security package. The package is a cell phone with a built in alarm system. Talk to your local police station if you want to find out more about a security package.  



Body guards (Livvaktsskyd)

On rare occasions, there's a possibility to get a body guard, for a limited time. You apply for this at your local police station, who can give you more information about this.



Fictitous personal data (Fingerade personuppgifter)

If there's been a threat to your life, your health or your freedom, there's a possibility to get fictitious personal data. This is very rare, but you can get it, if all of the other protections aren’t enough. Once you have the fictitious personal data, Rikspolisstyrelsen are the only ones who has access to your original identity.

Read more about fictitious personal data here.





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