Children who witness violence

at home


For a long time, the only ones who was thought of as victims of domestic abuse where women, even if there were children present who saw everything. And for a long time it's been believed that children are better at repairing themselves.

But now we know more about child trauma and the consequences of growing up in a home where there’s violence.


We know now that even children who haven’t seen the violence with their own eyes get more psychological damage than we've first thought. Children who live in a family where one parent abuses the other often get severe cognitive difficulties, and more often gets psychological problems than other children.


Children have to completely rely on their parents to protect them against everything. And society expects the parents to give their children unconditional love and protection. In most cases children are very loyal to their parents, since they don't have any other choice.

Because of this vulnerability they have to carry this big family secret.


When these kind of relationships end, it's very common that the man uses the children as pawns in the power game against the woman. He uses the children to get to the woman by arguing about the children over and over. It's also pretty common that he's already threatened to take the children if she leaves him, and that no one will believe her if she refuses this.


The crisis center, Alla Kvinnors Hus in Karlstad has one person employed who specializes in meeting children and looking out for their interests and needs.


Are you worried that your child will suffer from trauma after living in a family where there's been abuse?


Do you know a child who you suspect suffers from domestic abuse?


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