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When you're not born in Sweden and don't have Swedish as your first language it can be very difficult to get around in the Swedish society.

Women who live under any form of oppression is an extremely vulnerable group. Since they are the victims of power and control they don't have the same possibilities for integration, to create social safety nets or to understand the Swedish society.


We at the crisis center Alla Kvinnors Hus in Karlstad have experience with working with women from a minority background, and we know the problems it causes.


We know that violence happens in ALL cultures and ALL classes.


Do you need someone to talk to?


We're here for you! 


Call us at:  054 – 18 30 34


Mail to:



You can also call Terrafem, a non-profit organization who works for women’s right to live without men’s abuse and domination. They can take your call in about 45 languages.


Website:                        email:


Call: 020-52 10 10






Om vi inte svarar kan du istället ringa Kvinnofridslinjen

020-50 50 50 
Dygnet runt. Samtalet är gratis.


054-18 30 34

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